The Do’s when Cleaning an Outdoor Inflatable Playground


An outdoor inflatable playground provides kids the best place to have fun all year round. Whether bouncing, sliding, or climbing, children are bound to have the best time possible. After you have purchased from Alibaba, one thing to prioritize when using an inflatable playground is its maintenance. Proper maintenance can help your inflatable to maintain a shiny and new appearance. Remember, you are investing your money and need to get value, making maintenance a priority concern.

Things to do when cleaning your outdoor inflatable playground

The cleaning approach you use on your outdoor inflatable playground matters. Knowing the things that you should do will ensure effective cleaning takes place. Here is a simple compilation of what you need to do and use when cleaning an outdoor inflatable playground. If you follow each idea or act keenly, expect the best results.

Inflate the inflatable playground

If you want effective and safe cleaning, start with inflating the inflatable. Inflation will allow you to clean all areas of the object. Some areas may not be easily accessible when you deflate the inflatable, especially if the design you opt for has a lot to offer. Water and soap will get to all critical areas if you inflate your inflatable. Another advantage is you will be able to finish the process fast and save a lot of time.

Use warm water and mild dishwashing soap

Harsh chemicals like chlorine and bleach may damage the PVC material present used when manufacturing the inflatable playground. A damaged inflatable reduces its enjoyment and may cost you maintenance. Thus, always use warm water and mild dishwashing soap to wash the surface of the inflatable. You can consult your supplier on the best soap for your outdoor inflatable playground. Are you using pure and deionized water? You do not have to worry much about chlorine and bleach.

Disinfect the outdoor inflatable playground

An outdoor inflatable playground is exposed to various external elements that may infect it with bacteria. Part of your maintenance process should include disinfecting. For disinfection, use only eco-friendly products on the inflatable. Then, rinse the inflatable’s surface to clear out any residue. The move also reduces the risk of infection to users.

Use a soft bristle brush

A metal scraper or a hard bristle brush is not the best tool for cleaning out stains on an outdoor inflatable playground. They can cause tremendous damage to the surface. Damages mean constant repair, and that will cost you. The best thing you can use to remove stubborn stains is a soft and clean bristle brush. It will ensure that seamless cleaning takes place. Once you complete the cleaning process, let the inflatable air dry. You should avoid deflating the inflatable when it is still wet. Doing so encourages the presence of mold and mildew. Thus, let it stay inflated until it dries up.

Bottom Line

An outdoor inflatable playground needs cleaning to guarantee safety and hygiene. The cleaning process requires one to know the dos and don’ts. Understanding the do’s paves the way for effective cleaning to occur.

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