What Is a Beer Tower and How to Select One For Yourself?


Getting a beer tower, a party, and a friend’s night out is fun. Wow! That could be great fun! Do you agree?

But do you know what a beer tower is? If not, let’s get into it and discuss further about it.

Beer, an essential part of the movie night, needs to be appropriately dispensed if scores of friends are about to hit your place for a fun time.

The idea seems to be quite fanciful, but if you don’t know how to choose one?

This article is a great help for you if you, too, are hosting a get-together where the beer will be served sophisticatedly.

Online platforms are bubbling numerous options. You can easily land on such websites, but it can be of little help—- because the possibilities are too many, and inadequate knowledge about the specifications would confuse you.

To select a beer tower, you have to consider a few factors.

Selecting A Beer Tower: Some Essential Factors to Consider


Knowing the volume of your party, you are the one to decide on the capacity of the beer tower. As per the general rule, a dispenser capable of holding 5 to 6L of beer can be a good mate. 5 to 6 liters is an excellent capacity to house the beer for a party or social event.


Never overlook this detail. A good quality beer tower obviously will have a greater shelf life. The qualitative material ensures the safety and freshness of beer. You may find cheap alternatives, but the possibility of tuning out a disposable beer tower is lingering along the keg.

A good-grade beer tower is worth the value.


This is a must-to-know fact. You may find fancy and appealing beer towers, but they can be a bit user-unfriendly on the cleaning side. In a move to launch meticulous designs, the cleaning part might have slipped off the manufacturer’s mind.

Cleaning the tower is of great importance. So always select the beer tower with removable parts to promote easy cleaning.

Faucet Diameter

The faucet diameter is crucial to consider because it controls the flow. Make sure you check the faucet diameter for a flawless and runny but controlled flow. According to the general rule, it should be more or less 8mm.

Adjustable Temperature

The beer’s temperature puts the soul in it; chilled beer has its own class. When shopping for a beer tower, cross-check its temperature-adjusting power. The adjustable keg is of great use because it can happily accompany you to long parties and events.


Party accessories bring life to the fun time. Selecting the right equipment can make things easier and flawless. Beer tower is a great commodity to serve at a big gathering. However, choosing a beer tower can be arduous because the market is flooded with a lot of them.

Considering a few factors while selecting your party mate, the beer tower, you can have a blast! Never compromise on the capacity, faucet diameter, material, and cleaning. These crucial factors build the best beer tower.

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